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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the iHealth Wireless Scale not turning on?

Check to make sure that all of the batteries are inserted and the polarities (+ and - ) are facing the correct way in the battery the scale.

The scale displays “Er 0”

Possible cause: The Scale failed to initialize.

Solution: Remove the batteries, wait for one minute and then reinstall them.

The scale displays “Er 1”.

Possible cause: Maximum weight has been exceeded.

The scale displays “Er 4”.

Possible cause: Bluetooth connection error.

Solution: Reset the Bluetooth connection by turning it and back on again.

The scale displays “Er 9”.

Possible cause: Scale memory access error.

Solution: Remove the batteries, wait one minute, then reinstall.

The scale displays “Er 10”.

Possible cause: Software update error.

Solution: Refer to the “Software Update” section above for instructions.

Setup and Usage

What type of batteries is needed for the iHealth Wireless Scale?

The iHealth Wireless Scale requires four 1.5V AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for this product.

Can the iHealth Wireless Scale be used on any surface?

In order to get the most accurate readings, we recommend placing the scale on a hard, flat surface.

Within what range does the mobile device have to be from the iHealth Wireless Scale in order to function properly?

In a normal environment (without high electromagnetic interference), the mobile device can be used within 16.4 feet/5 meters of the scale.

Can the iHealth Wireless Scale be used without a mobile device?

Yes. The scale can be used without a mobile device after the first connection is established. However it may be necessary to use your mobile device (launch the app) at least once every 200 weigh-ins, as new measurements overwrite older ones stored in the scale. When the Bluetooth connection is re-established measurement data will be uploaded to your mobile device.

Is it safe to use the Wireless Scale while pregnant?

Yes. We recommend against standing on the edge of the scale, or using it on a tilted or wet floor. Be sure that the surface of the scale is clean and dry before using. Note that the scale should also not be used by anyone who cannot stand still without assistance.

Can iHealth Wireless Scale have multiple users?

Yes. Each user has to log in his or her own account when taking measurements.

How should the iHealth Wireless Scale be kept clean?

You may use a soft (non abrasive) damp cloth to clean the glass plate of the scale. (Warning - use of an abrasive cloth can irreversibly damage the scale.)

Is the iHealth Wireless Scale waterproof?

The scale is not waterproof, but it should withstand normal wear. If it gets wet, wipe it with a dry towel. If it gets completely wet or dropped in water, take out the batteries immediately and dry completely.

The scale displays “Lo”

Possible cause: Low battery.

Solution: Please replace all four drained batteries.

Product Information

What does the iHealth Wireless Scale measure?

The iHealth Wireless Scale measures weight and BMI through the free iHealth MyVitals app that has personalized health tools to help you get the most out of your data and to better manage your health goal.

What is BMI?

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a heuristic measurement of body weight based on a person’s weight and height. Body Mass Index is defined as the individual’s body weight divided by the square of his or her height when using the unit of measure kg/m2.

What is the measurement range of the iHealth Lite Wireless Scale?

The measurement range is 11-400lb, or 5-182kg.