Convenient and Smart

The iHealth line of wireless scales makes it easy for you to manage and track your weight and other components of your body composition. The Body Analysis scale measures body fat percentage, body water, lean mass, muscle mass and more! All of your data collected from the scales automatically get saved to the app and cloud for convenient viewing.


Easy to use

Our wireless scales connect with a free mobile application via Bluetooth or WiFi, making them simple to use. Keep a history of your readings and easily view trends directly from your mobile device.


Connected to you

In addition to keeping your data on your mobile device, you also receive a free and secure cloud account. Accessible from any computer, you can log on to view all of your vitals, as well as share readings with fitness buddies.

100% wireless, 100% mobile

The free iHealth MyVitals app automatically keeps a history of your data and gives you the option to share your information with your doctor or caregiver. Our devices work with both Apple and Android devices. 

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